Brew Links

American Brewer, a quarterly industry mag, discusses the art and industry of brewing.

Beer Advocate is a great resource for learning about all of the different types of beers.

Beer Cook is a cool site that discusses home brews, recipes, beer pairings and profiles of professionals.

Beer History houses a library of information about the history of beer and breweries, particularly in the states.

Beer of the Month Club discusses a variety of beer selections, with profiles and reviews by pros. You can also sign up to try a new micro-brewed beer each month.

Brewers Association is an association of craft brewers, with great articles on best practices, brewpubs and guilds.

Craft BEER celebrates American beers and brews.

Forbes has a pretty cool article and infographic that breaks down U.S. microbreweries per capita. Check it out.

Modern Brewery Age has cool articles and brew notes about home brewing and industry updates.

UNTAPPD is social media’s answer to beer rating and sharing.

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