Burr Street Brew: Bridgeport Microbrewery and Taproom

Brewery and Taproom

Burr Street Brew is Bridgeport, Connecticut’s favorite microbrewery and taproom.  Microbrewer Sam Fells personally oversees the craft and chemistry of a dozen unique brews, and counting. When you visit the microbrewery in person, you’ll be delightfully assaulted by the enticing aromas of Sam’s specialty brews.

Tasting Room

We invite you to join us in our tasting room, overlooking historic Burr Street, between the hours of 11 AM and 11 PM to conduct your own personal taste tests. We’re certain you’ll find the right brew to suit your palate. And when that happens, we have a ready supply on hand, all the way from singles to full casks, stored at cellar temperature. Because of our substantive supply, we’re able to offer brews at both retail and wholesale quantities and prices.

Tasting Parties

One of Sam’s passions is sharing new brews with discerning brew connoisseurs. To that end, we do private, exclusive tasting parties. We host those in-house down in our cellar, with simple ambient light and soft jazz selections to set the mood. Sam will even host tasting parties at a venue of your choice, should you have your own event or party off-site.

Our temperature-controlled brew trucks are equipped to deliver significant amounts of beer and ale, even in full-sized cask or keg volumes. We will deliver, set-up, arrange and do all of the cleanup afterward. During your off-site parties, we’ll even stick around to discuss the nuances of the different brews and set up ordering and delivery if you like what you taste. Trust us when we say that you will. We’re confident and proud of our brews. After just one taste, you’ll see why the local connoisseurs and beer and liquor publications hale Burr Street Brew as Bridgeport’s long-standing favorite microbrewery.


Something you’ll notice among industry insiders, at least in this particular industry, is that we are not secretive with our knowledge. Do we protect our brew recipes? Certainly. But that doesn’t stop us from sharing any new brewing news or information we run across.

Sam is so passionate about sharing the wealth of knowledge that he hosts bimonthly workshops and will even teach you the basics of home brew.

Email Us

Listen, we know your kind. We do. What kind is that? Well, let’s see… You’re not someone who grabs whatever is closest to you in the cooler bay, are you? No, your exquisite taste and refined palate has transformed you into a discerning consumer of only the finest beers. If that sounds like you, and I’m sure it does, you should email us. We’d love to talk to you about our upcoming brew workshops as well as our plans for a secret new 13th brew that will be unveiled later this year!